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6 Things that are "Nature" that aren't walking!

Precisely 120 minutes a week is the time required to make you feel healthy and have a strong sense of wellbeing.

Did you know it's Mental Health Awareness week this week?

The theme is Nature.

It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self esteem, reduce anxiety and improve mood according to studies.

So, that just means walking right?



Walking is great, but there's so many other ways to enjoy nature, we've decided to give you some inspiration below!

6 Things that are "Nature" that aren't walking!

1..Sitting! Go and sit outside and relax. Find a nice quiet area, sit on a park bench, take a picnic somewhere. You don't need to be moving, although exercise is good for your mental and physical health too.


2..Playtime! Taking your children to the park, playing with your dog or cat. If it's outside even better, but even just playing with a pet will elevate your mood, even if its inside. Animals are nature right?


3..Gardening! Just being around nature and plants is beneficial... which takes us onto our next one...


4..House Plants! May seem odd, but technically you're bringing nature to you!


5..Watch a sunset or sunrise! Set your alarm a little bit early, make a cup of coffee and sit and watch the sun come up before you go to work.


6..Explore somewhere new! Go somewhere different, see something outside you don't usually get to see.


Just 20 minutes a day is the time you need to put aside to feel the positive effects of nature. Imagine if you could dedicate an hour a day, but you need to really dedicate it. Sitting by the window during a sunset on your phone does not count.

Let's really reconnect!


Yale Environment 360 - Ecopsychology: How immersion in Nature Benefits your Health -

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