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Can you can remember the best manager you ever had... and the worst?

Both good and bad managers leave an impact in one way or another.

But how many managers had training when they were promoted?


Not training on how to do the job…

Training on how to be a good leader, the importance of communication and the impact this can have on your team?

A lot of managers don’t receive anything of the sort… this can lead to a whole host of problems.



Noone wants to be, or tries to be a bad manager… it’s always unintentional.

Even the most awful managers are doing it the way they do because they think that’s how to do their job. Or they misunderstand the role of a manager and how to get the best from staff.

But imagine if every manager was trained in the skills needed to be a good leader…

How many issues could that solve? 🤔


For more information about our Manager Training delivered by Military Veterans, get in touch 👍🏼

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