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Is it a Mid Life Crisis?

So, mid life crisis…

Ever notice how usually this term is used towards men?

  • Feeling unfulfilled in life

  • Feelings of boredom, emptiness and meaninglessness

  • Impulsive, often rash actions

  • Dramatic changes in behavior and appearance

  • Marital infidelity or constant thoughts about infidelity

  • Constantly comparing oneself to others, who seem happier or more fulfilled

  • Intense feelings of regret

This typically happens at around 45-65 years old.

👉🏼 A 45-49 year old male is the most high risk group of suicide….

Do you think this is a coincidence?

😢 Men in that age group may also experience the loss of their sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased levels of testosterone and feelings of sadness.


So, Low Testosterone…

🧍🏻‍♂️On average, at the age of 50, the testosterone levels are typically half of that of a 20 year old male.

Testosterone is a hormone that affects emotional regulation.

Having low levels of testosterone can lead to feelings of sadness or depression.

Some people have trouble with memory and concentration and experience lowered motivation and self-confidence.

We have heard of the menopause for women… but the same thing is happening to men with their hormones at a similar age.

❓ Do you think there is a link between this and the ‘mid life crisis’ or high suicide rates in men aged 45-49?

We incorporate these sorts of thought provoking topics within our mental health training; because there is so much more to mental health than the likes of anxiety and depression, and we need to speak about it.

Want to find out more about our mental health training programmes ? Get in touch.

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