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This one is for the H&S and Training Managers...

Are you a Health & Safety or Training Manager?

If so… this is for you.

Are you sick of the sighs and eye-rolls when you mention health and safety training to your employees?

We all know it happens…

Health & Safety has a bad rep…

Too many boring, generic, tick box training courses happening.

Now… what if I told you we could stop this being the case?

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Tailored courses, lots of relevant practical and flexibility with the course delivery…

You know what that means?

People will be interested as what you are teaching is relevant to them!

Your shop floor workers don’t need to know the ins and outs of legislation do they? But you do need to ensure they have the relevant training..

They need to know why and how it effects them, and what they can do to make their experience at work better and safer.

And that means… no more sighs and eye-rolls when you tell them they are going on a Health and Safety training course!

Win win!

The other good news?

We can cover all these courses:

✦ Mental Health

✦ Manual Handling including Slips, Trips and Falls and DSE.

✦ Manager training Leadership and Communication

✦ IOSH Working Safely

✦ IOSH Managing Safely

✦ First Aid

✦ Fire Marshal

✦ Bespoke Health and Safety Productions

Contact us for more information

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