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Two Things Great Leaders Need To Have...

A common struggle for managers is that they are promoted for being good at their job, but do not receive the training to be a successful leader. Often being good at a job and being responsible for the people doing the job require a different set of skills.

There are two things that great leaders need to have, empathy and perspective. These things are very often overlooked, leaders are often consumed and concerned about their status and position that these two things are forgotten. This means that they forget what their real job is.

The real job of a leader is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in our charge.

One of the reasons why managers micromanage is because they do know how to do the job better than the staff, that's what got them promoted. What should happen is, there should be some form of transition from worker to leader. This can happen naturally, sometimes this happens quickly, sometimes slowly, unfortunately sometimes not at all. We all have to go through this transition of being responsible for the job, in turning into somebody who is responsible for the people doing the job.

Management Leadership and Communication training focuses on enhancing your managers, educating them on leadership styles and communication skills. Giving them the confidence and coaching on how to best approach individuals and offer guidance, encouraging teamwork and effective communication.

  • Leadership styles

  • Communication skills

  • How to apply, and the effectiveness (or not so) in certain situations

  • Role of a manager

  • Team building

As part of the training our representative will run our Team Building Command Tasks to cover leader led and leaderless tasks, method of instruction and ways to communicate and give guidance.

Want to find out more about our manager courses? Get in touch!

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