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We put a man on the moon 384,400 km away, before we put wheels on a suitcase...

How is this possible I hear you ask?

Like all things putting innovation into perspective is easy with hindsight.

The Rollaboard concept, the one you probably have tucked away in your loft right now was invented by a pilot who simply wanted a better, easier and more convenient way to do his job.

For such straightforward innovation, there should have been millions more people who identified a new solution earlier.

In 1992, there were about 150,000 airline pilots in the USA, but for each flight with two pilots, there were probably a hundred other people in the plane that never thought to improve their luggage handling experience. I imagine there were countless engineers sitting in their airplane seats dreaming up designs for new luggage, but only one ever took the leap to create huge innovations.

Each year we continue to carry our heavy but necessary burden of luggage around and dream of ways to make it easier.

In this case (pun intended) that luggage is our health and safety training. Step away from the ridiculous bent knees back straight tick box exercise, boring same stories you’ve heard a million times and dated concepts.

Elite Force Safety are not offering the same as everyone else they are leading the way for competition to aspire like. We bring the finest military standards and firsthand experiences to your company. Delivering fresh and innovative solutions to your burdens.

However, this is not a sales pitch by any means but a call for an awakening, that just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean there is not easier and better solution out there. Don’t believe me get in contact and see for yourself!

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