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Military Veterans


And no, its not through shouting at the delegates on the courses.


Or making them do 50 press ups if they get a question wrong.

While our instructors are proud Military Veterans, we're not about the 'drill sergeant' approach.


Instead, we focus on providing high-standard training that's flexible and engaging, rooted in our military values.

Full of real life examples, stories, 'penny drop' moments and of course, tonnes of personality.

Our instructors take serious subjects and deliver the content in an informative, but interactive and memorable way.

We love using their military insight and expertise to transfer into industry, to constantly develop and improve our training courses, giving us an outstanding approach to Health and Safety Training. ​

We are based across the United Kingdom and our training takes place at your site, in your working environment.


Our training and programmes really can add value to any business, designed to be tailored around any budget.


Sound like something your company could benefit from? Then maybe we could work together!

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