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One of our founders re-qualified in Health and Safety after 26 years in the military. During his time working as an independent safety consultant and being employed by a training company, it enabled him to work with and give advice to a vast number of companies across all industries. It also enabled him to identify some of the issues within Health and Safety training.

Every industry and workplace is different, and it's important that the training received is suitable and effective for the specific industry and working practices. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario; what works in an office environment would not necessarily be effective on a construction site or with remote workers, and we can help you establish the best training option for you. 

Something else we are extremely passionate about is effective management and leadership.

This is another shortfall in some business, when managers and supervisors have a lack of confidence or experience in having safety conversations with staff.

During his progression through the ranks in the military, he learnt about the styles and skills required for good leadership and communication. Different situations can require different leadership and communication styles to be applied. With training and practise, learning how to apply the most effective approach for each situation is a huge part of being a good manager and leader.

When staff feel valued and respected this promotes a healthy work environment, maximising productivity and the effectiveness of your team, which is why good leadership and communication is so important. 


High standards and good leadership and management is something of the utmost importance in the military, as ‘ticking boxes’ is not something that is effective or professional and could cost lives.

We have applied this theory to Health and Safety Training, as similarly, if someone injures themselves in the workplace, this can result in pain and discomfort lasting a lifetime. Which is the reason why we set our sights much higher than the minimum requirement.

​We at Elite Force Safety, have a variety of training courses and programmes to suit every industry and every budget.

We don't  want to just tick boxes, we want to make a real difference and have an impact on your employees, your leaders, your business, your industry.

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