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Mental Health Issues are fast rising as becoming one of the top reasons for lost time in the workplace.

Knowing how to identify and communicate sensitively regarding mental health is not necessarily something people find easy, which is where Mental Health First Aid training can help.

Our courses include additional elements to ensure communication and leadership skills are incorporated to maximise the delegates confidence in real life situations, offering thought provoking content, guaranteeing to have an impact.

Read below to find out more, or contact us and we will give you some options and solutions.

Image by Adrian Swancar
Tailored Mental Health Presentation, Mental Health Workplace Training.


We know that releasing employees to attend a training course can be a big interruption to operations, so in our aim to spread awareness and educate as many people as possible about mental health, we have developed a variety of presentations that can range from 45 minutes up to the 3 hour mental health awareness.


Some examples of topics we can cover:

  • What actually is mental health?

  • Stigma, both types.

  • Stress and pressure, what's the difference and what does it actually do to us?

  • Men’s Mental Health - Is the mid-life crisis a real thing?

  • Self medicating and self harm.

The aim is to get conversations going around mental health, perfect for safety/ stand down days or events. Speak to us for more information.



Unlike other training providers that offer Mental health First Aid, we have developed our course to ensure it focuses on the most beneficial elements, is not an overload of information and also minimises interruptions to operations.

This is why we have options ranging from 30 minute presentations, to 4 hour awareness, 1 day Mental Health First Aid and a 2 day Supervising Mental Health First Aid course.

We can work with you to discuss the best options dependant on your restrictions, aims and demographic.

For more information on our tailored, affordable solutions get in contact with us.


All our Mental Health Courses are delivered by Military Veteran, Nuco Approved Instructors, making our courses Ofqual and SQA regulated.

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