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Mental Health Issues are fast rising as becoming one of the top reasons for lost time in the workplace.

Knowing how to identify and communicate sensitively regarding mental health is not necessarily something people find easy, which is where Mental Health First Aid training can help.

Our courses include additional elements to ensure communication and leadership skills are incorporated to maximise the delegates confidence in real life situations, offering thought provoking content, guaranteeing to have an impact.

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We know that releasing employees to attend a training course can be a big interruption to operations, so in our aim to spread awareness and educate as many people as possible about mental health, we have developed a variety of presentations that can range from 45 minutes up to the 3 hour mental health awareness.

Some examples of topics we can cover:

- What actually is mental health?

- Stigma, both types.

- Stress and pressure, what's the difference and what does it actually do to us?

- Men’s Mental Health - Is the mid-life crisis a real thing?

- Self medicating and self harm.

The aim is to get conversations going around mental health, perfect for safety/ stand down days or events. Speak to us for more information.

Mental Health: About
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Mental Health: About
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For a fully tailored Mental Health Programme, you may be able to train your staff for as little as £65 per person...

so it may be more affordable than you think!

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Just having Mental Health First Aiders is not effective. Why?

...Because everyone needs to know what a Mental Health First Aider can do.

To have a truly effective programme, all staff need to have a basic understanding of mental health. 

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Second stage of the programme is to train your chosen Mental Health First Aiders. These should be selected carefully, people who are passionate about mental health and have a natural sympathetic nature.


This is for managers to have an extensive knowledge of mental health, giving them the ability to oversee the programme as a whole. Also offer support to the Mental Health First Aiders.


Our instructor will visit your site every 6 months for a Support Visit. During the visit they will spend time with your Mental Health First Aiders and Supervisors to offer support and to help diagnose any trends and any areas of concern. Your employees will be fully supported by Elite Force Safety every step of the programme.

All our Mental Health Courses are delivered by Military Veteran, Nuco Approved Instructors, making our courses Ofqual and SQA regulated.

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Did you know, Men are THREE TIMES more likely to die by suicide than Women?

The stigma around mens mental health is a very real issue, and something we incorporate into our Mental Health training.

Like many industries, the Military is a very 'male dominated' environment, so who better to educate on Men's Mental Health than Military Veterans?

You don't need to 'Man up'

Men are allowed to talk about Mental Health.

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