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How many managers had training when they were promoted?


Not training on how to do the job, they know how to do the job well… or they probably wouldn’t have been promoted.


Training on how to be a good leader, the importance of communication and the impact this can have on a team?


A lot of managers don’t receive anything of the sort… this can lead to a whole host of problems.

Tailored Health and Safety Presenation being delivered by Elite Force Safety

We offer a variety of Management training solutions, ranging from Leadership & Communication Skills, Mental Health for Managers and the IOSH Managing Safely course.

Or, we can work with you to designs something bespoke.

Including topics like:

  • Leadership styles

  • Communication skills

  • How to apply, and the effectiveness (or not so) in certain situations

  • Role of a manager

  • Leadership burnout

  • Team building


Want to discuss options for Manager training?

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